French desserts, very diverse

With France, ending a meal, even the simplest meal must have dessert. After eating all the food, the sweetness will ultimately make people happy, more enjoyable.

Like dessert in many other countries in the world, the French dessert associated with fruit and chocolate. Because in France there is only 6 months of fruit, mainly pears, apples, cherries, plums, grapes … so they do not use chilled fresh fruit after each meal as we have, which makes much more varied dishes such as ice cream, cakes, sorbet … It is known that the richness of this dish is only available from the XV century, although the French have a habit of using some dessert from the previous five centuries. Then when the French to conquer new lands, to find many types of materials are also recipes for desserts more diverse.

Depending on each region and each season of the year that the French have many different desserts.

Brittany is famous for cakes strawberry crepes because of a mulberry region originating from China is delicious. In Brittany, crepes cake made from black bread. After the powder coating on campus round like pancakes, the temperature hot enough to wait for dough cooked evenly, without burning, but not the bottle, sprinkle it into the jam, rolled back wheel is not broken. Bretagne fishing is so good aman kouign more traditional way, more butter, less powder is used instead of fruit. On the cold rainy day, after meals the whole family sat drinking coffee, eating this bread was interesting.

Tatin in Normandy with dishes (baked apple pie), made from avocado, applesauce, ice cream, served with caramel ice cream. This is also a common dessert of ordinary French families. Caramel ice cream with crunchy sugar Catalan style (Southeast France) consists of cream, eggs, vanilla, sugar (no milk) are all too familiar. In addition, there are dishes pear wine cellar is a long time. This dish just pears soaked in wine from 1-3 hours that is edible, but must have good know-how refreshing.

Southern France has a good climate, more fruit than be known for many kinds of fruit sorbet and toasted bread. Sorbet ice cream is made from a mixture of sugar, water, cold fruit flavor characteristics (bitter, acrid, sweet, sweet …) of each type of fruit from the cup, guava, lemons, oranges, apples, to pear, pear mix, me … The bitter, sweet, the sorbet bar bar work “purification” to taste, loss of “echo” of the old items before switching to something new. Therefore, it is often used as a French dish “coated tongue” after the end of appetizers, main dish or switch to end the meal.

However, chocolate and ice cream are two most popular items from past to present. Along with cake, they are eaten throughout the year. To the French, just chocolate, vanilla, and coffee can also make hundreds of ice cream, chocolate cake ga bowl, cream chocolate, cream chocolate cake gum, cake tarte … All desserts are all familiar with world.

If China’s hidden secrets of cooking, what the Japanese have made it, the French mainly use additives to enhance the flavor of food. The views of French dishes, including dessert, also must keep the natural flavor of food ingredients, from the smell of chocolate, vanilla, to the fruit. And this is also the feature that the French dessert diners world is increasingly popular.

French desserts, very diverse

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